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(i) Dr. Kazutoshi Haraguchi:

A nanotechnologist heading a team of nano material scientists and biochemists working on cell/tissue culture compatible nano particles, shells and coated films/surfaces at the Kawamura institute of Chemical research, Japan.

(ii) Mr. Morozumi Yoshio:

A techno business venture capitalist with a vision in cell therapeutics. One of the directors of the venture. Also the executive director of M/S Kyowa Medical Corporation, Japan. Mr Morozumi plans and approves the business operation, projects as well as future strategies of the organization

(iii) Dr Gene Kurosawa:

An immunologist and expert in anti cancer targets and drug developments, based in Nagoya, Japan. Several monoclonal antibodies their teams have worked on will add values to the cancer
immunotherapy mission of Nichi-In.

(iv Prof. Sunao Kubota:

A physician by profession and surgical gasteroenterologist by specialty. he was the Chairman and Head of the Dept of General Surgery, St.Mariannah Medical University, Yokohama, Japan. Prof. Kubota has worked extensively on developing customized chemotherapy regimes for various cancers by in vitro expansion and chemo-sensitivity assay.

(v) Dr. Nobuyuki Yamaji:

Dr Yamaji is a specialist in water purification and primarily an electrophysicist and an alumni of Kyoto University. His work involves reaction of mammalian tissues to various injuries especially with electrical current and also developing of biosimilars for infection control.

(vi) Dr. Samuel JK Abraham:

A cardiac surgeon working at the II Dept of surgery, Yamanashi university hospital, Japan, originally from India. Coordinates the work between India and Japan and officially heads the operations of the organization in India and plans all the clinical application related projects.

(vii)  Prof. Yuichi Mori:

A polymer scientist and Professor, Centre for Advanced Research in Science & Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan; Has more than 200 patents in polymers and allied substrates usable in Plant biotechnology and medical biotechnology with emphasis in 3D culture of stem cells..

(viii) Dr. Hiroshi Yoshioka :

A chemist and specialist in polymer composition. Has more than 200 patents and equal number of publications. Working as a visiting associate professor, Centre for Advanced Research in Science & Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

(ix)  Dr. Hiroshi Terunuma :

A cell biologist turned Immunologist, was formerly with the Tokyo Medical & Dental University and later started the Biotherapy Institute of Japan. he is our advisor for bone marrow stem cell isolation for different purposes as well as AIET.
A team of Scientists & Research officers in India work at NCRM, Chennai centre as well as with other collaborating institutes in both basic research as well as clinical application
*"Nichi" stands for Japan and "In" stands for India. This institute started on an Indo-Japan collaboration now has spreaded further with global alliances
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