The BEES-HAUS is a novel cell based therapy for short segment stricture of urethera which is otherwise tackled with either uretherotomy or dilatation subject to the status of the condition.

As buccal mucosal tissue based urethroplasty has been in practice, this methodology of employing in vitro expanded autologous buccal mucosal epithelial cells transplanted after encapsulation in a nano-polymer scaffold for enhancing the healing with mucocal coverage of the otherwise strictured and/or fibrotic lumen is the brain child of the team headed by Dr Suryaprakash Vaddy (Consultant & HoD Urology, Narayana medical college, Neloore) jointly with the team of experts in tissue engineering and nanotechnology of NCRM.

This method not only needs a smaller quantity of tissue 84-5mm biopsy) from the buccal cavity against a larger (5-6cm) strip of mucosal tissue for surgical procedure, but also preserves the integrity of the lumen, which is not manipulated by surgical procedure as the cell transplanted for a kind of on-lay coating which is a simple procedure with no surgery, but a catheter based local intervention with no need for even anaesthesia