We want your support



We at NCRM want the benefits of the Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine innovations reach the masses, and NOT just be a commodity for a selected few.


With that aim, our Japanese and other collaborators have been magnanimous enough to give us the training, technology and necessary guidance.


For us to reach our goal of making the benefits reach the common men, especially in a country like India or any other developing country, we need to have the support of Philanthropists, Volunteers and others whoever are willing to support us in any manner suitable. The recombinant proteins, cytokines etc used in Stem cell work are all to be imported which apart from being expensive, training of our scientists in overseas also is another component, making the treatment expensive; not to forget the infra structure and maintenance costs.


Your contributions to our Research to M/S Hope Foundation (India) is exempted from Income tax under 80(G) by the Government of India and our immediate necessities are as follows:


       1. An additional cGMP clean room for research on Diabetes & Spinal Cord Injury

       2. Two Research officer positions for two years (24 months)


 We are changing the lives of many of our fellow human beings and


If you want to know more, please send an email to ncrm@nichimail.jp


Your Support can add smiles to many faces and change the lives of many!

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