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Published: December 6, 2011 00:00 IST | Updated: December 6, 2011 04:19 IST CHENNAI, December 6, 2011

TANUVAS's bone marrow clinical protocol holds promise for humans too: V-C

Veterinarians from the Madras Veterinary College have successfully treated a boxer dog which was admitted to the college in a paraplegic condition with total loss of motor and sensory functions of the hind limbs.

Giving details about the treatment, R. Prabakaran, Vice-Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (TANUVAS) said bone marrow was collected from the dog and subjected to cell processing. Bone marrow mononuclear cells were isolated.

With a ‘thermo-reversible gelation polymer' acting as a scaffold to grow the cells, a portion of the mononuclear cells were embedded in the polymer. The polymer was then engrafted lesionally.

After 19 days, the remaining mononuclear cells, which were stored separately, were also administered intravenously to potentiate cell transplantation.

The recovery of motor and sensory functions in the canine was noticed on the 53rd day and the animal attempted to stand up on the 79th day.

On the 98th day the animal was able to move its hind legs and on the 133rd day the canine was able to walk normally.


After the operation, the canine was under observation of the vets for nearly two years, Dr. Prabakaran said.

The veterinary team from the College had done the surgery in association with a few researchers from the Hokaido University of Japan. “The successful clinical protocol holds promise for applications in human medicine in treating spinal cord and nervous system related injuries in the future,” he added.

- Courtesy The Hindu, 06 Dec 2011 issue.
*"Nichi" stands for Japan and "In" stands for India. This institute started on an Indo-Japan collaboration now has spreaded further with global alliances
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