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PRESS RELEASE -18 Sep 2018

NCRM signs pact with GNC, Japan to host XIII the Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ) 2018 in Japan

Stem Cell Discoverer Prof. Dr. James E. Till to grace the Fujio Cup Award Ceremony with his message

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Chennai, 18th September, 2018: NCRM - Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine - an Indo-Japan institute for research on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine has signed an agreement with a Japanese Organization M/s GN Corporation Co. Ltd. (GNC), licensing them to host the International Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine meet, the NCRM NICHE from the 21-23rd of October, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

The NCRM NICHE was started in India in 2006 and conducted in Chennai till 2016 every year as a National event.  From 2017 onwards it has been conducted in Tokyo, Japan as an International event. The XIII edition of the NCRM NICHE will be conducted in the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Tokyo, Japan. The German Society for Stem Cell Research (GSZ), Cologne, Germany & Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (TPRM), an initiative by University of Toronto, Canada are academic partners to the event. The Edogawa Evolutionary Laboratory of Science (EELS), Japan will provide knowledge and system-based support to GNC.

The Fujio Cup Quiz (FCQ), an active knowledge gaining event in regenerative medicine an integral part of NCRM NICHE 2018 comprises of two rounds - Preliminary, which was held online and the finals will be held in Tokyo, Japan. 24 teams comprising of two members per team have already been selected through the Online prelims from different countries to participate in the Onsite rounds in October in Japan. Top scoring six teams will be given travel with return fare to Tokyo along with accommodation reimbursement and registration fee waiver. Other eighteen teams will be given perks such as accommodation, registration fee waivers, etc., by GNC.

The 2018 NCRM NICHE event is even more special because Prof. James E. Till, University of Toronto biophysicist (Discoverer of Stem Cells with Dr. Ernest McCulloch in the 1960s) has kindly consented to grace the Fujio Cup Award Ceremony with his message.

Plenary lectures will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Jun Hirabayashi, AIST, Japan & the Journal of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine (JSRM) Oration 2018 (Jointly sponsored by German Society for Stem Cell Research (GSZ)) will be delivered by Prof. Dr. G. Ian Gallicano, Georgetown University, USA. The Just Beyond Medicine (JBM) I Oration (sponsored by JBM Inc., Japan) will be delivered by Dr. Takeyoshi Shimoji, Consultant Neurosurgeon of the Amekudai Hospital, Okinawa, Japan.

This year the NCRM NICHE Organizers will be unveiling the Edogawa-Niche Prize which has been instituted by jointly with JINSEISHA - a Social welfare trust whose flagship Institute is Edogawa Hospital, Japan to honour those inventors/discoverers who have contributed significantly to research and/or translation of technologies in  Healthcare and Medicine that have potential clinical application and/or are into routine clinical practice

The active knowledge gaining participants of the NCRM NICHE will also be taken on an exclusive tour to institutes such as the Tokyo Women's Medical University - Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences (TWIns) where they will get to interact with experts working on cutting edge Regenerative Medicine applications and join a novel Interdisciplinary Conclave (IDC) in which Japanese scholars from outside the medical arena will present their work in the healthcare domain.

Scholars who are interested to participate as delegates in the event may register themselves online in the website www.ncrmniche.org or contact webmaster@ncrmniche.org .


*"Nichi" stands for Japan and "In" stands for India. This institute started on an Indo-Japan collaboration now has spreaded further with global alliances
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