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NT Bureau | Mon, 11 Aug, 2008,01:25 PM
Stem cell treatment for oral disease


The successful treatment of Oral Sub-Mucosal Fibrosis (OSMF - an oral disease) using Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cells is set to revolutionise diagnosis and cure of the disease.

This was the focus at a press meet in Chennai yesterday. It was organised by Karpaga Vinayagar Dental College, Chinna Kelambakkam, Chengalpattu district professor, Department of Oral Pathology, Dr S Sankaranarayanan.

OSMF is caused by chewing of tobacco and usage of allied products, the doctor said. Dr Sankaranarayanan has already presented the results at the annual meeting of International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) held in Philadelphia, USA, in June 2008.

The product of his vision, Dr Sankaranarayanan found in the stem cell therapy a viable therapeutic option for debilitating degenerative disease and injury. OSMF is a progressive disease and a pre-cancerous condition affecting the oral cavity.

Dr Samuel Abraham, NCRM, Japan, Dr R Annamalai, Dr Srinivasan of KIDS and manager Vijayakumar of NCRM, Chennai, were present at the meet. Dr Samuel Abraham explained the salient features of the treatment.

Three patients who were unable to open their mouth more than an inch were successfully given treatment.

In these cases, symptoms like burning sensation, mouth opening and salivation have improved significantly as it was able to prove that abnormal cells have been brought to normal appearance.

After the treatment, the patients could eat and open their mouths as any one else. Malignant cases, however, have not been attempted. Further research would lead to that correction also, the doctors said.

While there are wide range of treatments like medical and surgical, which have been tried but none of them had proved effective on? many patients.

This, an alternative method to treat oral sub mucous fibrosis and to change the malignant potential, autologous bone marrow stem cell was found very encouraging. Particularly till now, no side- effects or adverse effects were found.

The doctor said they have planned to treat more number of cases in association with the existing surgical options to improve the results


- Courtesy Newstoday, 12 August 2008 issue.
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