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Omega Hospital Cardiac Center launches Stem Cell Therapy Unit

Mangalore: Omega Hospital Mangalore in association with Nichi In Center for regenerative medicine, Japan announced the launch of their stem cell therapy unit. This is the first of its kind in Karnataka and will be immensely beneficial to a wide range of patients suffering from chronic diseases, not suitable for other forms of treatment. This was announced at press conference her on Tuesday, Managing Director Omega Hospital Dr K Mukund said that stem cell research and therapy is fast gaining momentum all over the world. It is especially beneficial in patients with Parkinsons disease, Kidney failure and patients with severe heart failure in which other forms of treatment has failed. In this kind of treatment blood from the bone marrow of the patient is removed and the stem cells are isolated and processed and injected back into the diseased organ. The cultured stem cells are injected through the arteries of the heart. The cells settle and gradually grow inside, there by strengthening the function of the heart or other targeted organ, he added.
Currently the cells have to be sent to the Nichi In Laboratary in Chennai for processing. This facility is available only in few hospitals in India. Stem cell therapy unit is a part of the cardiology research center opened in Omega Hospital. Dr Samuel Abraham of Nichi in center has selected cardiac center of Omega Hospital for this purpose. Patients admitted in Omega Hospital with such ailment as failed and damaged hearts will be able to obtain such modern and advanced treatments at reasonable cost.Dr Samuel Abraham of Nichi In Centre, Dr A G Jayakrishnan, Cardiac Surgeon Omega Hospital and S L Bharadwaj, Administrator were present at the press conference.
- Courtesy Mangalorean Times, 6th Feb 2008 issue
*"Nichi" stands for Japan and "In" stands for India. This institute started on an Indo-Japan collaboration now has spreaded further with global alliances
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