Training Programme on Regenerative Medicine (TPRM)

The Third Batch scholars of TPRM (from Left > Right):

1. Dr. S.P. Preethy (NCRM)
2. P.Thamarai Kannan (NCRM)
3. L.Tholcopiyan(NCRM)
4. Dr. A.Arunprasad (Tamil Nadu Veterinary University (TANUVAS))
5. Dr. J. Krishnamohan
6. Dr. R. Manikandhan
7. Dr. R. Shalini
8. Dr. V. Vishnupriya
9. Dr. G. Jayalakshmi
10. Dr. Ahamad Lafir

The Third batch programme was started in 16th September 2010. The programme module consists of 24 lectures, two assignments and one midterm exam. The course will be completed on 31st March 2011.

The above is the list of candidates who were enrolled and the affiliations given were based on their declaration dated Sep 2010.

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