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09 Dec 2007, Madurai: Vadamalayan Hospital- a 150 bedded, super specialty hospital in Madurai which was started in the 1950s by late Dr Vadamalayan has signed a MoU today with the NCRM for stem cell research and clinical studies. As per the MoU, patients with Spinal cord injury, Liver Cirrhosis and Intractable heart diseases will be included in ths study in which stem cells isolated from the patients own bone marrow by proven and published protocols will be used in treating such illnesses. The Vadamalayan hospital Chief Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Krishnagopal will act as the coordinator for the stem cell applications and other specialty physicians will assist him in this work.

L>R Dr Krishnagopal, Dr Abraham, Dr Pugalagiri & Dr Srinivasan during the MoU signing ceremony

The signing was done between the two institutes represented by Dr Pugalagiri Vadamalayan (Managing director, Vadamalayan Hospital) and Dr Samuel JK Abraham (Director, NCRM). This was followed by a presentation on basics of stem cells, developments till date, prevailing guidelines in India issued by ICMR and outcome of the till date applications by NCRM and other collaborating institutes by Dr Abraham and an interactive session which was attended by many physicians of various specialties of the hospitals and neighbouring places.

The autologous (patients own) cells taken from bone marrow will be harvested at Vadamalayan hospital, transported to NCRM-Chennai where the stem cells will be isolated as per the application required and sent back to Madurai for application to the patient. This study is conducted upon approval from the ethics committee of the institute as per guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Apart from stem cells for the above applications, Natural Killer cell based immunotherapy called AIET is also to be started in Vadamalayan Hospitals said Dr Pugalagiri. Dr Srinivasan and Dr Krishnagopal explained further the above contents to the physicians.

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