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The Stem Cell Task Force (SCTF) of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the government body which has issued the guidelines for the stem cell research and therapy and guidelines in India visited the Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine on the 07th May 2007. The team comprised of Dr Geeta Jotwani (Senior Research office, In-charge of stem cell project at ICMR, New Delhi), Dr Polani B Seshagiri (Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and member of the SCTF, ICMR), Dr?SS Agarwal (Former Director, SGPGIMER, Chandigarh & member SCTF, ICMR), and Dr. Deepika Mohanty (Hematologist, Member SCTF, ICMR). The team evaluated the (i) Protocols for clean room maintanence, (ii) Stem cell processing infra structure, (iii) Culture methodology precaution protocols, (iv) Actual infra structure facility and the live cultures of various cells underway apart from going through the future plans and projects. The constitution and profile of the members of the Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) and Insitutional Committee for Stem Cell Research and Therapy (IC-SCRT) were also scrutinised. The team overall appreciated the efforts of NCRM (comments written given below).

The Stem cell task force of ICMR (sitting) with the members of NCRM


Dr. Geeta Jotwani

Senior Research Officer ,

Stemcell Project, ICMR, New Delhi


"Highly enthusiastic committed team. Best Wishes for achieving the goals"


Dr. P. B. Seshagiri

Proffessor, Dept of MRDG,

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


"Infrastructure of NCRM is very professionally created and it is QC- conscious. The clean facility for culturing human tissue is very good.. My best wishes to NCRM to sustain the standard. "


Dr. Dipika Mohanty

Ex-Director, IIH (ICMR)

Dholamandai, Cuttack


"Happy seeing the culture facilities. Very good attempt for Cell Therapy. Best wishes for the success"


Dr. S. S. Agarwal

Former Director, SGPGI / ACTREC,



"Interesting effort with lot of potential. Best wishes. India needs innovative science."


At the moment, ICMR is the body which has come out with guidelines for stem cell research and therapy. These are only guidelines and accordingly the usage of autologous stem cells in research and treatments?are permissible*, provided the application procedure and protocols are approved by the IEC and IC-SCRT and are notified to the NAC-SCRT (National Accreditation Committee for Stem Cell Research and Therapy; which is yet to be formed) and further approved. For marketable products, the approval of the DCGI (Drug Cotroller General of India) are necessary.

NCRM has been following all such guidelines strictly and? been conducting IEC and IC-SCRT meetings and reporting the same to ICMR regularly

* Clause 13 of the National guidelines of stem cell research and therapy 2006, issued by ICMR which is availabe in their website: http://www.icmr.nic.in/stem_cell/stem_cell_guidelines.pdf


*"Nichi" stands for Japan and "In" stands for India. This institute started on an Indo-Japan collaboration now has spreaded further with global alliances
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